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Biography Outline

biography outlineThey might be required to draft up a biography outline before they actually finish the paper they were writing. Others would like to have a look at a standard biography outline format so that they know what sort of things that they’re in for. Either way, a bio outline can be rather helpful.

A Sample Biography Outline

I. Early Life (This part of the biography outline shouldn’t take up too much space in the final project.)

A. Living with Family

  • Birth and Development
  • Primary School Years

B. High School

  • Planning for the Future
  • Friends and Activities
  •  Graduation

(Applicants usually turn this section of the biography outline into a showpiece of different clubs and sports that they were involved with.)

II. College Years (This part of the biography outline could instead focus on work experience if they’re instead college applicants.)

A. Courses Taken

  • General Education
  • Courses for the Degree

(This part of the biography outline might not seem like much, but it can be played up quite a bit by tying them into various avenues of life experience.)

B. Activities

  • Extracurricular Activities and Sports
  • Activities Outside of School

(Applicants who include this section as a part of their biography outline shouldn’t focus on the stereotypical aspects of college life. That can be a huge turn-off to readers.)

III. Work Experience

A. Jobs During School Years

(This section is quite moveable, especially if you’d rather write your biography in a way that makes chronological sense.)

  • Jobs During High School
  • Jobs During College

B. Jobs After Graduation

(Applicants who haven’t had any experience after college will need to fill this space with something else, though filler should still certainly be avoided.)

  • How the Degree has Been Used
  • How Other Experience has Been Used

(It might be a good idea to tie all different sorts of experiences together.)

biography outline template

Tips for Writing an Effective Biography

Biographies are required in many different areas from introducing you as an author or a speaker, through to showing your professional management credentials as part of a company’s loan application. They are however not something that many people find easy to write. While your outline will show you what information you should include and where you still need to consider the actual writing itself:

  • The following expert tips for writing a biography will help you to produce a bio that is going to impress:
  • Fully understand the purpose of your bio and the intended audience; writing for a personal website and within a business plan are going to need very different approaches.
  • Have a clear understanding of any requirements placed on your bio such as page format and length.
  • Your writing should be in the third person unless you are specifically requested to provide otherwise.
  • Try to write in a way that provides flow; you are seeking to tell a story about yourself and not just list your qualifications as you would within a resume.
  • Use language that anyone will be able to understand. Do not try to be clever by selecting unusual words from your thesaurus and never include acronyms or slang.
  • Be concise; do not add any form of filler, get straight to the point with your writing.
  • Don’t go overboard with regards to detail within your bio, again save this for your resume.
  • Stick to the truth at all times; it is far too easy in today’s age to check up on someone. Never lie and do not exaggerate your abilities either.
  • Humor should not be used within your bio; while funny to some, it may be found inappropriate by others so avoid it fully.
  • Do not use overly personal information that is not directly relevant to the purpose of your bio such as your religion even if it is important to you.
  • Always take the time to edit and proofread your bio so that it is going to be the best that it can be.

An Expert about Writing an Effective Biography:

As Alex Honeysett – brand and marketing strategist who frequently writes for The Daily Muse says:

biography outline professional expert help

Stick to the suggested biography outline and create a flawless biography yourself!