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Sample Short Bio

sample short bioWhen students ask for a sample short bio, they’re usually not looking for a complete monograph like the phrase short bio sample would suggest. Instead, a short biography sample is generally composed to fit a specific set of instructions. Schools usually ask for a brief biography sample to be attached at the end of an application. That means likes and dislikes are often included in a mini biography sample.

writing a bio

How to Write a Short Bio

This is a question that’s often asked of various people in the writing industry. The place most people learn writing a short bio is the back of novels. There is usually an about the author section that actually illustrates quite well how to write a short bio. Writers who produce these sections have to know how to write a short biography with a bare minimum of words. That can actually be rather challenging, but by checking these out you might actually learn writing a brief bio on your own.

How to Write a Short Bio Effectively

  • When figuring out which angle to approach the text from, remember that you are being given little space to work with.
  • Never go over the word count, and try to avoid unnecessarily longwinded passages. When learning how to write a short bio, remember to ensure that you aren't producing a number of run-on sentences. These can creep into the text when you attempt to compress the amount of information in a particular piece of writing.
  • Compound sentences are key. Remember to use proper conjunctions for joining different sentences together. If word counting becomes a serious issue, semicolons can be used to join two sentences together without using up a word.

tips on how to write a short bio

How to Write a Short Bio without Leaving Anything Out

  • Births, ages and dates can usually be combined in creative ways to reduce the amount of length that these vital entries eat up.
  • While it might sound juvenile to urge someone to double-check his or her work, it's a great idea when you have such a small amount of space to work with.
  • Don't confuse word counts and page counts. While page counts can be manipulated with typesetting, word counts can't really be fudged.
  • While adjectives can be great, exaggerations can take up space. Removing these descriptors can sometime make text more concise. Use caution when doing this, however, since it can make the text that much more bland at the same time.

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