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Create Stunning Bio Video

Why Make a Bio Video?

A video biography is a record of an individual’s life history or a portion of their life history depending on why it is being made. They are becoming more popular as a means for keeping a family’s history as well as a tool in business. Some of the reasons for choosing to do a bio video include the following:

  • Convenience – For many people watching a video biography is easier than reading text. Those stored on the internet can be viewed pretty much any time through a cell phone, an item that many carry with them always. Technology has made both producing and storing videos easy enough that anybody can do it
  • Allows personality to come through – A video recording of a person allows that individuals personality to come through. You can get a better sense of how they are more than you can through a written account or photographs.
  • Emotionally engaging – Video essentially brings a person to life. As a tool for recording a person’s life and personal history it is usually more effective in engaging emotions of viewers.

Personal video biographies are most commonly made for personal use such as a family history, and for business, as a supplement to resumes, to present executive profiles or some other purpose.

Making a Bio Video

You may want a video bio to enhance your resume, to put on your website or some other purpose. The following are some basic criteria you should follow when making a bio video or writing a bio:

  • Use a professional service. You could do it yourself, but it is very likely you wouldn’t get nearly as good results as a professional service would.
  • Keep it short. Two to three minutes is long enough
  • Choose the right location. You will want to make sure there is nothing around you or in the background that will draw attention away from you.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion. If the bio video is for a job application dress as you would for an interview.

What to Include in Your Video Bio

One of the most popular and common uses of a video biography is as a supplement to resumes. With this being the case, don’t repeat information contained in your resume. You should try and include some aspect about yourself that employers won’t get from a resume. It may be what you are looking for in a job, some quality that you have that can’t be quantified easily, or anything else you feel would be beneficial for the employer to know. Some tips for recording your message include:

  • Know what your message is before recording
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Speak clearly and be careful not to speak to fast.
  • End your video with a thank you and contact information.

Although you don’t want to be boring, don’t get too creative and always remain professional!