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Creating an Outstanding Corporate Bio

Your corporate bio is very important for creating your personal brand. In order to help you climb the corporate ladder, your bio should stand out. Look at your corporate bio right now. Is it boring? In which ways can it be improved? Expert bio writers from writingabio.com would like to give you some notorious tips on writing a corporate bio.

Top Tips on Corporate Bio Writing

Mind the essentials. To start with, our expert bio writers want to underline that your corporate biography should be able to cover the basics. According to them, there are main questions which your corporate bio should give answers to:
  • Who you are?
  • What is your field of expertise?
  • What makes you special?
  • How to contact you?

When introducing yourself in your corporate bio, you should keep your audience in mind and choose the proper writing style. Never use the pronoun “I” in any form when writing your paper; you ought to write in third person, as if someone else is narrating about you.

Give your readers the options. When putting your corporate bio online, it might be a good idea to present two or three versions of different length. Our writers from writingabio.com recommend you creating one version which would consist of about 100 words and a 300 word bio. Naturally, the shorter variant will include the most prominent highlights of your biography, when the longer one will go in detail of your career.

Add some personal background. Our bio writing service recommends you  adding some information about you as a person to your paper, in order to stand out even more and make your corporate bio more interesting to read. It can be one or two lines about your background our other activities. Who knows, maybe the fact that you and your boss share the same hobby will help you get a promotion.

Corporate Bio Writing Assistance

Writing a bio may be quite a demanding task, especially if you are not much of a writer. If this is the case with you, turn to professional bio writers at writingabio.com – they will help you an outstanding corporate bio in no time!

Feel free to order our qualified assistance!