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Creating Efficient Bio Chemical Engineering

What Is the Purpose of the Bio Chemical Engineering Professionals Write?

A chemical engineer bio is a summary of the engineer’s career and major accomplishments in the field. There are many fields making increasing use of the professional bio. Chemical engineering professionals may need a bio for any of the following reasons:

  • Job search if they are looking for employment
  • To establish their credentials as an expert in the industry for publishing purposes
  • Promote themselves for consulting work

Professional bios are useful in quickly and effectively conveying who you are and what you do to the reader. Usually they will be one page or less, and are more readable and personal than a resume.

Elements of a Chemical Engineering Bio

The elements of the bio chemical engineering professionals write are essentially the same as those in any professional bio including sales manager bio and accountant biography. Mechanical engineering professionals or those in completely unrelated fields use the same elements, adjusting for industry variations.


The basic elements of the bio include:

1. Biography content. This should include:

  • Current position where you are employed, areas of responsibilities and any noteworthy achievements there.
  • Professional work history relevant to the industry, companies worked for and the dates of employment.
  • Professional affiliations with industry related organizations and associations, awards given in the industry and any industry related writing you have had published. Any other notable achievements or special accomplishments in the industry can be included.
  • Education. College/university degrees held and the institution granting them. Any special industry related certifications can be included.
  • Personal information is optional, and if included will be limited to one or two sentences.

2. Writing style and presentation:

  • Bios should be written in the third person, as it comes across as more professional.
  • A narrative style is used as if writing a story.
  • An engineering bio will be relatively short and fit on one page or less, so writing should be succinct and to the point.

When writing their bio, chemical engineering professionals will have to be selective in what information they decide to include. The purpose the bio is being written for and the audience who will read it should be considered.

 Tips for Writing the Chemical Engineering Biography

Using the following tips and suggestions when writing your engineering bio will make for a more effective biography:

  • Make sure your bio isn’t just a collection of lists. Be sure to write it in a narrative style.
  • Begin with who you are and what you do. Your name should be in the first sentence of the bio, and your profession in the first or second sentence.
  • Break the bio into short paragraphs of three or four sentences. It makes it much easier to scan and read.
  • Include a photo. The bio is meant to be more personal than a resume and having a photo will contribute to that.
  • Review and update bios on a regular basis.

Bio chemical engineering writing is easy with our help!