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How To Make Your Video Biography Work

Supplement your resume with a video biography

Technology has completely changed the job search process. Platforms such as LinkedIn and forms of social media have created a demand for things like video biographies. If you want to be competitive in writing a bio then it may be necessary at some point to make your own video bio. A video biography should supplement and enhance your resume, and allows employers to get a better feel for the person behind the resume.

Preparing to make your video biography

Before starting you will need to determine what message you want to convey in your biography. Video length for bios is usually two or three minutes so whatever your message is, it must be brief and to the point. In preparation for recording the video bio you will need to consider the following:

  • Your message – Write out what you want to say and practice it until you have it down. Time yourself to get an idea of how much time it will take to record.
  • Setting – Where do you intend to record. Make sure there is nothing in the background or around you that will distract viewers when they watch.
  • Video services – Although you could record the video yourself, you may want to consider a professional service. This relieves you of most of the technical burden such as sound, lighting, editing and so forth. They may also be able to provide advice on what looks good on camera and what to avoid.

Recording your video bio

With everything in place you are set to record. Some points to remember when recording the video biography include the following:

  • Dress appropriately. You should wear what you would if you were going to an interview.
  • Talk into the camera and maintain eye contact
  • Speak clearly and at a normal speed. Try and relax and talk in a normal tone of voice, and not like you have memorized what you have to say.
  • Begin by introducing yourself, and deliver your message
  • End your bio video by saying thank you and providing contact information.

Final tips and suggestions

These are a few final tips that can be useful in ensuring you submit the best video biography possible:

  • Don’t go overboard with creative ideas. Remain professional at all times
  • When you review your bio consider whether you would be embarrassed for any of your friends or family to watch it. If you are then you may not want to use it.
  • Use makeup when recording
  • Be yourself. You want employers to see the real you. For some this is easy, while others are camera shy.
  • If you aren’t happy with the first take you can always do another, so relax and be yourself.