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How to Produce a Compelling Music Artist Bio

Gene Simmons of Kiss reportedly said that the reason why people fail in show business is they don’t understand the business side. A music artist bio is important to the individual because this helps promote his or her skills. It is a marketing tool that can help land performances and possibly even backup musician contracts.

Basic Music Artist Bio Outline

A music artist biography should tell the story of the artist that emphasizes the career. Personal information is not nearly as consequential. The communication of when the artist started using his or her craft, what professional music groups the artist was involved with, and what direction the professional activity is taken should predominate. Only if the personal life adds to the professional story does it have to be included. Those who know how to write an artist bio understand that this is very much a business piece.


Highlight the Achievements

There are accomplishments in the career of a music artist that need to be brought to the forefront. Awards such as a Grammy or Country Music Award will demonstrate the superior craftsmanship of the artist. Other things that may be included are any outreach done in the community as a whole. Indications of charitable inclinations such as performing free concerts for a cause can get the attention of the public. These ought to be included in the professional life story of this individual.

The artist may have done work behind the scenes as a songwriter or as a producer of musical events. These should be included to give the reader an understanding of the breath of talent that the artist has, both creatively and in a music business sense. The value of including behind-the-scenes work cannot be underestimated. If the artist can’t get on stage from an audience, then perhaps he or she can be gainfully used elsewhere.

The Style of Music Artist Writing

Writing a bio about yourself is writing the story of your life in a highly creative career. It is probable that ordinary people are going to be the ones reading the biography, and they should be able to understand the text immediately. The choice of words should be as conversational as possible. There ought to be a limit to the size of the text as well. It is optimal if the biography is no more than 500 words, so it can fit well into a press release if needed. Unless the individual has had a career that spans decades, a biography of over 1000 words is essentially verbose.

The professional life of the music artist can be very colorful world of sounds and tunes. The hearing pleasure these professionals provide is immense, and the story behind the lyrics can be very interesting. The achievements of a professional career provide an understanding of an individual who has chosen life in the performing arts as the road to travel on.

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