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How to Write a Convincing Insurance Agent Bio

Why Your Insurance Agent Bio Is Important?

Your insurance agent biography, as well as video biography is a way to help you connect with customers and and is a useful tool in marketing yourself. As an insurance agent you deal with people and trust is an important part of doing business.

Your insurance agent bio and  bio video can be used to help form that trust before you ever meet a potential client. By relating a little of your experience and expertise in the field as well as conveying some personal information that makes a potential client feel like they know you, you are laying the groundwork that can attract future clients. Your personal information may provide something that you have in common with the reader and at the very least allows them to see you as a real person.


How to Write an Insurance Agent Bio

The insurance agent biography is about you, and each person’s will vary to a certain extent. There are some elements and guidelines you will want to follow as you write the insurance biography. These include the following:

  • Introduce yourself and tell who you are/what you do at the beginning of the bio.
  • Address who your clients are. Who is it that you work with? Families, small business owners, home owners or some other group that forms your client base.
  • Discuss benefits of working with you. Don’t make it a sales pitch. Just a line or two like “ Joe has helped hundreds of families protect their homes and save money in his years as an agent.”
  • Include some personal information. This is often where a connection with a potential client is made. This can be any number of things. If you are married and have children, where you went to school or hobbies are just a few. Every piece of information about yourself may be something that you have in common with a potential client and tilt their choice of agents in your favor.
  • The insurance agent bio should be short. Between 250 and 300 words is long enough. Any longer and it likely won’t get read.
  • Your bio should be written in the third person.

Broaden Your Horizons with an Expert in Insurance Biography Writing

insurance agent bio writing tips

For that, you may want reading what kind of bio writing tips Dena Kouremetis – a professional expert in the field of business writing consider useful for you to share:

  1. Write about yourself as if you were your own PR firm – in the third person;
  2. Quote yourself – briefly;
  3. Speak in the “royal we” whenever possible;
  4. Use other good examples as templates for your own profile;
  5. Keep paragraphs short and keep the bio concise;
  6. Briefly list only your most important career designations and certifications not mentioned in the body of the bio in bullet-point form at the end;
  7. Read your bio out loud;
  8. Write it. Leave it. Read it as if you’ve never seen it before. Then edit;
  9. Take a writing course geared toward business and marketing at a local community college.

Mistakes to Avoid in Insurance Agent Biographies

There are some basic mistakes that are fairly common when writing biographies. The following are some of those mistakes you should watch out for:

  • Writing in the first person. Too many “I”s makes you seem self-centered.
  • Long resume style lists of accomplishments or job titles.
  • Too wordy. There isn’t a need to use long flowery sentences or include extra padding to fill out the bio. Three or four paragraphs is all you will need.
  • Making a sales pitch. Don’t use the bio to try and directly market your business.

A well-written insurance agent biography is a great way to market yourself and attract more clients!