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Writing a Military Bio

Why Write a Military Biography?

The military biography is meant to provide a brief narrative summary of your military career. Whether you are army, navy, air force or coast guard the same basic format will be followed. However, it isn’t uncommon for different commands to request things be done in a slightly different way. A military biography will usually be requested of personnel who are up for promotion, or of those who want to transfer to a different branch of the military than the one they are currently serving in. Those who are representing the military in some way, making a public speech, or having something published may also need a military biography. The command officers of military installations and the highest ranking enlisted man at each installation will have their biographies posted on installation websites. Military websites are a good place to look if you would like to see a military biography sample.

Why Do I Need an Army Bio?

Your army biography is a concise summary of your army career that can provide readers with a quick overview of your skills and qualifications. A majority of army personnel will encounter the need for an army Bio during their military careers.


The two most common purposes of an army Bio are:

  • For promotion. Usually, the Bio must be written and recited during the promotion process.
  • For transition back to civilian life. In these cases, the army Bio isn’t required but is considered essential if you intend to pursue a civilian career.
  • There are a number of other reasons for writing a Bio. However, the number of people needing Bios for those reasons is much less.

 Expert Tips for Writing a Military Bio

No matter what branch of the military you have served in writing your Bio is not going to be an easy task no matter how you look at it. Typically you will need your Bio if you are applying for a promotion, to transfer between the services or even if you are to be a speaker at an event.

The following guidance will help you with writing your military Bio:

  • Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the purpose of your Bio and any requirements as to length and what should be included.
  • Look at relevant samples to get an idea as to what you will need to cover and how your Bio should be written.
  • Create an outline for your writing which should cover all of the appropriate personal information and military history
  • Your writing should always be done in the third person rather than the first.
  • Use language that is appropriate for your intended audience and avoid the use of any military slang, acronyms or profanity. Also, do not try to be overly clever through selecting unusual words from the thesaurus.
  • Write in a concise and to the point manner. Never use any form or padding or flowery speech.
  • Stick to the point, do not include any information that is not directly relevant to you or to the purpose of your Bio.
  • Avoid any form of humor within your writing, it is not appropriate.
  • Proofread your Bio very carefully. Failing to eliminate any errors can give a very poor impression.

Seeking for Military Bio? It Is Here

military autobiographyOn other Bios, you place your contact information first and you can include your place of birth if you wish. However, writing a military Bio calls for your name, rank, and place of birth to be the first thing you tell about yourself. Your years in the military are the focal points of any military biography. All your military experience has to be listed in chronological order. Start with your first year of training and work your way up to the present.  On top of everything, we offer our professional bio writing services to put everything together and make it clearly understandable.

military biography sample

With all of the information that must be included when writing a military Bio, you have to be able to summarize your military training and service. Any civilian training that is pertinent to the reason for the military autobiography should also be included because this will help to increase your credibility. Sometimes this is very difficult to do all of this in 150 words and you need to have help from a professional Bio writer, such as we can provide.

Writing a military Bio also means that you must have a conclusion. This should be a brief statement about your goals for the future, whether it is within the armed services or as a civilian. The biography writers on our team that handle the writing of a military Bio all have military service so they know what needs to be included and what should be left out. They are also skilled in condensing information through concise wording to let everyone know what you need to tell them.
writing a military bio expert tips

How to Write a Military Biography in 7 Easy Steps

The military biography is written in the third person, but at promotion boards, those up for review will be expected to recite their biography in the first person.
Writing your military biography will consist of the following steps:

  1. State your name, service branch, rank, deployment status, current deployment, age, date of birth and hometown.
  2. Beginning with your first military experience list all your military assignments in chronological order. Show assignments from the beginning month/year to ending month/year, position, unit assigned and location.
  3. List all awards and decorations received including ribbons for active duty participation and qualifications received through training.
  4. Describe all the military schooling you have received.
  5. List your rank ascension history in chronological order starting with your first rank. Include the date on which you received each rank.
  6. Detail your family history including parents, spouse, and children if any.
  7. Identify any civilian schooling you have had.

Our Experts Are Working on Writing a Military Bio for You

You will be mistaken if you think that writing a military Bio is just like writing a bio for a civilian. It is essential that your military Bio include highlights of your career in the military, whatever the branch of the service you were in. Such writing is needed in order to apply for a promotion or to move to another branch of the service. If you have served in the military and are now a published author or a public speaker, then you will need to write a military biography to accompany your marketing materials.

You will have to narrow down the information when writing a military Bio because it cannot be longer than 150 words and it has to be able to read in a minute or less. This means your military bio has to be brief. We offer you a professional biography writing services to help you get it done. The concise wording is essential to get your information across within this short space. Another rule for writing a military autobiography is that you don’t have a choice in the person you choose when writing. It has to be written in the third person, but when you have to read the bio aloud to a group of people, you use the first person when speaking. This means that even though the writing in front of you uses “He” or “She” you use “I” in the reading.

Our service can help you with writing a military Bio at any time!