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Real Estate Bio: How To Get A Job Effortlessly

What is a real estate bio?

Your real estate biography as well as  video biography or insurance agent biois a marketing tool and an online resume. It may often be the first contact you have with a potential client, and it should create an impression that you know the business and that you can be trusted to hold your clients best interests at heart. As a realtor, you are working with and representing both buyers and sellers. To be successful it is essential that clients trust you to do whats best for them. Your real estate bio is the first step in developing that trust. It is your first chance to make a connection with potential clients.

What to include in a real estate bio

To create the impression you want and be effective, the information you include in your real estate biography should be selected with care. Some of the things to include in your bio include:

  • Skills and experience in the real estate industry. You want to include enough for potential clients to be comfortable that you have the necessary expertise, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. In the event yours is a new real estate agent bio, focus on why you became an agent, and past experiences that have given you the required skills.
  • Real estate related organizations/awards can be included. Be sure to clarify what they are. Those who aren’t familiar with the industry won’t recognize acronyms.
  • Include a good photo of yourself in the appropriate attire.
  • Personal information such as family, where you went to school, hobbies and interests are the type of things you should include. This is where you are most likely to make a connection with those who have something in common with you. Even if no common interests are shared, it serves to make you seem like a real person.
  • Geographic and contact information should be included. People shop for real estate by location so giving your location is necessary to show up in search engines. Include contact information in case somebody wants to contact you after reading your bio.

Writing the real estate bio

Aside from content there are a few other elements and guidelines to keep in mind when writing the real estate bio. These include:Keep it short. The bio should be between 200 and 300 words. Anymore than that, and it likely won’t get read.

  • Write in the third person.
  • Show some passion and dedication for what you do
  • Edit and revise again and again until the bio is as good as you can make it.

A real estate agent bio sample can serve as a guide and give you some ideas, but don’t copy a sample bio. The sample is describing somebody else and your bio should be all about you.