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Sales Manager Bio Writing

Purpose of the sales manager bio

Your sales manager bio is essentially a brief summary of your career highlights as a sales manager. It is also a marketing tool for selling yourself, without appearing to be a sales pitch. The sales manager biography may appear on a website, in brochures or company literature or be used for looking for employment. Regardless of where or how it’s being used, its ultimate purpose is to let the reader know who you are as a sales manager.

What to include in a sales manager bio

The information included in your sales manager bio as well as in business analyst bio or executive director bio may vary slightly depending on the audience being targeted. A website bio for the general public will have a different focus than a bio promoting you as a speaker at an industry conference. However the bio will always need to convey the following basic information:

  • Who you are and what you do. The current position you hold and responsibilities
  • Professional history. Your relevant work experience, what companies you were with and how many years with each.
  • Major accomplishments. Securing a big contract, increasing sales or anything else that stands out as a notable achievement in sales. Accomplishments that can be quantified such as “closed 10 million dollars in contracts by increasing sales 20 percent” are good. Accolades and awards that are relevant may also be included.
  • Academic history. College or university undergraduate and graduate degrees held and any industry specific certifications or sales training.
  • Personal information. This is optional and may or may not be included depending on the audience. If it is included, two or three sentences is generally enough.

The sales manager bio you write won’t be able to contain everything about your career. Select those things that best show your qualifications and skills.

Tips for writing the sales manager bio

Use the following tips and suggestions to make your sales manager bio as effective as possible:

  • Make it brief. Bios are becoming more widely used because they contain relevant information that can be easily and quickly scanned. Those reading the bio don’t want to wade through a bunch of irrelevant or unnecessary information. Concise and to the point is best.
  • Break up information into paragraphs of three to four sentences. It makes them easier to scan.
  • Write in the third person. This is a point that some would debate with some advocating using first person if posting a bio in an informal setting. However, if you are unsure, then stick with the third person version.
  • Begin with the present. Although written in narrative fashion like a story, your story should begin with what you are doing now and what you have accomplished recently.

On a final note, proofread your bio. It is a reflection of who you are professionally so you don’t want it to be full of mistakes.