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Using Military Bio Sample for Your Own Bio

The Military Bio and Your Career

It is common for military service personnel up for promotion, to be required to write and/or recite their military bio, making the bio essential for career advancement in the military. Military members who wish to transfer from one branch of the armed forces to another are also usually required to write a bio. For those who have spent the majority of their working careers in the military, writing a military bio can be essential to finding civilian employment. Many of those needing a bio to make a career move have little if any idea of what writing a military bio entails. The military biography is a summary of an individual’s military career, condensed to less than one page. Looking at a military bio sample can provide an idea as to what goes into a military bio.

Use a Military Bio Sample as a Guide for Writing Your Own Bio

By examining military biography and  financial advisor bio examples others have written, it is possible to get an idea of what to include in your. Bios will should contain the following information:

  • Military history, starting with your first military experience up to the present.
  • Any military awards and honors received. Include service ribbons for active duty participation and qualifications received through training.
  • Military schooling received
  • Rank ascension history
  • Family history
  • Civilian education

A military bio sample or military biography template will guide you as to what to include in the bio and how the bio should be formatted.

Criteria for Writing the Military Bio

Aside from the content that must be included in your military biography, the bio should meet the following guidelines:

  • Bios should be written in the third person
  • Use a narrative style of writing for your bio
  • Keep bios brief. Eliminate unnecessary words and information
  • List information in chronological order from the start up to the most recent

The following is a military bio sample you can examine:

“SPC John Smith of Monroe graduated from Monroe High School in May 2005 and entered the United States Army on June 2005. From June to August 2005. SPC Smith attended Basic Training in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri with Delta 787 MP Co. After graduation of Basic, SPC Smith was assigned to the 32nd MP Co. Reserve Unit in Grand Prairie, TX from August 2005 to August 2006. From September to November 2006 SPC Smith returned to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, this time with Echo795th MP Co., for Advanced Individual Training. In January 2007 SPC Smith arrived in Mannheim, Germany and joined the 22nd MP Co. where he has been a Gunner and a Driver. SPC Smith is married to his wife, Agnes and has 1 child, Dora. His short term goal is to become a team leader. SPC Smiths long term goals are to serve up to 20 years in the ARMY, retire and join the sheriff’s department.”

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