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Sample Professional Bio

sample professional bioWhenever someone writes it, they need to take a very different stance from someone who was writing an academic biography sample. A professional Bio sample needs to be focused on career goals, while sample Bio sheets for school programs aren’t so stringent. A sample professional biography also needs to be different from a general CV sheet. Some places even publish a sample of biography to show what they’re looking for.

Find out about Main Mistakes in Your Bio Writing

Professional biography sample needs to be perfect in all ways if you want to get a job of your dreams.

So, take a look at some mistakes according to Meredith Fineman people are making while writing their bios:

biography sample writing professional help

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sample professional bio

Use Executive Bio Samples as a Guide for Executive Bio Writing

Executive bios, unlike the professional bios in many other fields, aren’t aimed at securing a job interview for another position. The executive Bio is meant to give readers an idea of the personality behind the position, as well as touch on the executive’s career highlights that are relevant to the purpose the Bio is actually intended for.

Some of the purposes an executive Bio or real estate bio may be used for include:

  • Develop stockholder and investor confidence in a company’s executive management
  • Establish the executive as an industry expert
  • Secure speaking engagements

Whatever the purpose is, the executive Bio should be tailored to the specific audience it is intended for. Generic executive bios are not very effective. To get an idea how to write a non-generic executive bio, look over some executive Bio samples, and if possible note who the target audience was.

What to Include in Your Executive Bio

When writing an executive Bio you won’t be trying to write a complete detailed biography. It should touch briefly on a few career highlights.

The Bio will consist of the following sections with no more than a paragraph devoted to each:

  • Introduction – current position and responsibilities
  • Professional history – past positions held with the most recent listed first. Only list those that are relevant to your purpose
  • Professional affiliations – associations, groups or clubs that are associated with the industry you are in
  • Awards – any awards or special recognition related to the industry
  • Education and professional credentials – academic information and degrees granted from colleges/universities and any special industry credentials that may have been gained.

The following is the first two paragraphs of an executive Bio example:

Glenn Jones

CIO and Vice President of Business Development

As CIO and Vice President of Business Development, Glenn Jones is focused on ensuring problems in fuel distribution, financial controls and risk management encountered by Wingate customers are resolved in their infant stages. With a global view, Jones is a recognized authority in fuel economics business processes, and has numerous speaking credits and publications on the topic to his name.

Business process engineering and optimization has been the focus of his career with several supply chain management innovations to his credit. As COO at Acme, Jones created supply chain management and tax automation solutions throughout the energy industry for clients like Company X, ABC Company and XYZ inc. Oktex Industries marketing branch was his career starting point, and eventually saw him managing distributor development for their major products line.

Final Writing Tips for Executive Bios

The following tips have proven to be effective when writing executive bios:

  • Keep it short. One page or less
  • Write using a narrative style as if telling a story
  • Write in the third person.
  • Proofread

Viewing several executive Bio samples to see the different ways it may be approached can often help spark some ideas of your own and you’ll get how to write an executive Bio or any other one.

Let us help you to start writing your story of success today – use the best sample professional Bio to get inspired!