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Student Biography Sample

The majority of student biography sample texts are not essentially complete biographical monographs. They’re instead a sort of sample biography on yourself that deal with how a student got to where they were. Applicants asked for a sample personal biography will make some difficult choices. It’s always hard to decide what exactly to place into a personal biography template. There is only so much room provided by most sample biography template sheets.

writing a bio

How to Start an Autobiography

Many students will simply start their biography with “David smith is currently studying geography at Graysville college… “ This is hardly inspiring or attention grabbing. It is not going to make your bio stand out, nor is it going to inspire anyone to get beyond your opening line. While it may be necessary to have a formal opening for your bio you should really be guided by the purpose of you biography as to how you can open it.

The following are some suggested opening phrases that you can use that may just help get your bio read:

  • Gordon Brown has ambitions to work within corporate finance and as such has chosen to major in…
  • Jilly Smith having been voted the most likely to achieve in high school has decided to follow fate…
  • Dorian Smith has finally realized that his mediocre skills in basketball while excellent for competing against other highs school student half his size are not going to carry him forward into an all star career..

Always try to get the attention of the reader from your opening line. Rather than simply starting who you are and what you are studying try to look more to the future and give the reader a better idea of what really makes you tick.

What Should Your Student Bio Cover?

Many students struggle with writing a bio, after all you are still a student! What can you write in a biography. The answer of course will very much depend on the specific purpose of your bio whether it is just something to introduce you to other students or if it is required for applications for further education of even for work. Check out our sample personal bio for more information.

Whatever the purpose however the following areas should be covered:

  • Say who you are and give the reader some basic background about yourself.
  • What are your current areas of study and why are you studying them?
  • Where do you expect your studies to take you? Do you intend to take your studies further?
  • What are your personal career goals once you have completed your education?
  • How are you suited for studies and a career in this area?
  • What extracurricular activities do you have: from sports to volunteer or paid work?

Should You Use Quotes in Your Biography?

The answer is unfortunately “it depends”. Using a quote that is highly overused that everyone is likely to use is something that should be avoided. It will be likely to be seen as clichéd. However something that has real meaning to you and that you can identify with within your bio writing can be used if it is not a quote that has already been overused elsewhere. For more you can check our biography sample for students.


What Should You Include in Your Student Biography?

Writing a student biography or the best personal website can be tough, especially if you are at the earlier stages of your education and feel that you have little to actually write about within your bio. However with a little thought you may be surprised as to just how much you may have to write your bio with. Learn our sample of a biography above.

Before you begin your writing however you should consider the actual purpose of your bio; where it is going to be placed and who the likely audience is going to be will affect what you write considerably. A short bio that is included within a department website or other publication may only want basic information such as your name, department and research interests. While a longer one for instance for inclusion within a journal alongside an article may require more in depth information that may include what you have previously published and any awards that you may have gained.

And remember that your opening line is vital, as Claudine Vainrub says:

quote about biography

Tips for Writing Your Student Biography

With a little time and careful thought it is not too hard to put your biography together. The following guidance will help you to write a bio that will help you to achieve your aims:

  • Check the requirements for the length of your bio and anything that must be included
  • Have a clear understanding of the purpose of your bio and who the intended audience is
  • Look at bios that are already written for the same purpose to get ideas for your own; do not simply copy however
  • Your introduction should include your basic information, like name, institution, etc
  • The main body should cover areas such as degrees that you may hold, awards or honors that you have gained, anything that you have published, projects that you are working on currently or intend to work on
  • Your closing can include any interesting facts about you, hobbies, or other personal information
  • Brainstorm all of the above areas to ensure that you have all of the information required for your bio
  • Create an outline as to how your bio should be organized
  • Write in the third person (unless asked to write in the first)
  • Avoid the use of overly complex or flowery language
  • Proofread what you have written very carefully if you want to give a good impression

See our personal biography sample on the page to get more inspiration.

Make Your Student Biography Stand Out with Our Help

If you want to save time and ensure that your biography will be precisely what is required of you then get in touch with our experts. Our staff are highly experienced with all forms of biography writing and will be able to walk you through the process step by step to ensure that your bio will be exactly what you are looking for. All of our bios are perfectly personalized and provided after full proofreading.

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