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Personal Website Development Service

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Do You Need a Personal Website?

Looking for a new job is not easy and sending out your resume to all of the jobs that you see is not always effective. Most jobs that are advertised can attract hundreds of applicants and there are also as Matt Youngquist says as many as 70% to 80% of available vacancies that are simply not advertised. So you need something more than just your resume and this is where having the best personal website comes in. A good website can not only make you stand out from your competition when looking for a new position, it can also make it far easier for recruiters to find you when they are looking for someone outstanding in your field. Look at the professional bio examples to learn how your biography should look like.

Creating that outstanding site, however, is not easy and many will need help with the mechanics of how to set the site up and what they should include. The following sections will provide you with the information that you need to create your own personal website for your career marketing.


The Benefits of Your Own Personal Website

There are often very significant benefits to getting your own personal website to promote yourself fully to potential recruiters. Having your own “myname.com” website is something that can help you build your brand far more than just having a LinkedIn profile or posting your resume on a bunch of job hunting sites. There are so many benefits to having a good online portfolio to show off what you are capable of:

  • Makes you stand out from applicants that do not have a personal site
  • Makes you more visible within searches online making it easier for recruiters to find you
  • Gives you an opportunity to offer unique information about yourself
  • Allows the recruiter to discover more about your personality
  • Shows you off as someone that can work outside of normal expectations
  • Gives the reader an idea of your technical skills
  • Makes a perfect first impression

creating best personal website

What to Put on Personal Website

Putting together a personal website is not as hard as it may sound. Although it can be time-consuming if you are doing it for the first time. There are many different platforms out there such as WordPress through which you can design a website to show off yourself to potential recruiters. Through these platforms, you have access to tools and themes that will allow you to provide almost any unique look that you may want for your site.

Understanding what to put on personal website pages, however, can be confusing; one thing that you will not want to do is to simply upload your resume as it is. This is a chance to really show any visitor who you are and as such, you should consider all of the following for inclusion within your site:

  • Your basic information such as your name and a good professional photo of you
  • A personal website bio to provide a summary of who you are and what you are capable of details from your resume. Use sample personal biography on yourself to ensure your paper is excellent
  • Your education and training details: you can even upload pictures of your certificates etc.
  • Work history: listed in reverse order so that they read the most recent role first
  • Samples of your work: use graphics as much as possible
  • A gallery or online portfolio
  • References or testimonials to promote you
  • Any awards or other recognitions that you may have
  • Videos or other media to help you stand out more
  • A blog: if you want to establish yourself as an expert in your area a well-written blog can often help you to get noticed
  • Contact information so that anyone can contact you easily

Who Knows How to Create My Personal Website?

Through our professional services, you can get all of the help that you need to create the best website for personal information such as your resume and portfolio. We don’t provide everything to some simple standard template that will be the same as hundreds of other sites. We will work with you to understand just how you want your site to look and what information should be covered within it. Our basic package allows for up to 5 pages, each tailored to your specific needs.

We provide our services through experts that are both qualified and experienced in building excellent looking and effective websites. Our experts also have the experience and expertise required within recruitment to fully understand just what recruiters will be looking for within your site. They will be able to ensure that your site contains the keywords that recruiters will be searching for within your field to help your site to stand out from any online searches.

Our experts work with you to design your site to have a maximum impact on any visitor. They will always provide you with unlimited revisions on your design and content until you are totally satisfied with the final look of your own personalized website.

help to create the best personal website

The Benefits of Using Our Services for Your Personal Website

Through us, you get to work with true experts that truly understand about recruitment within your industry as well as how to put together an attention-grabbing site for your information. They work directly with you through our services online and offer unlimited revisions to ensure your total satisfaction with what is produced for you.

We also offer you all of the following with our professional help:

  • Unique work on your site that is provided with a plagiarism report
  • Proofreading and full testing so that you can be sure there are no errors
  • A quick turnaround on the support we provide and guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Pricing that is highly affordable and will not break the bank
  • Around the clock support through friendly and knowledgeable experts
  • A full satisfaction guarantee with your personal website or your money back

To create the best personal website to boost your online visibility just contact our specialists here today for the support that you can trust.