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Writing a Bio for an Author

Quality Bio Writing to Establish Your Credibility as an Author

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Author’s bio plays a great factor in the success of your book and establishes your credibility as an author. Writing a bio does not only involve critical thinking but also organization of ideas and time. It is important that you understand what details to include and what your target audience wishes to know. Biography writing should not be limited to listing your achievements as an author but also correlates relevant information about the subject of the book. If you are writing a book about psychology, do not discuss about your business degree or the fact that you have three dogs. See our sample author bio from our expert.

What Do You Need to Know Before Writing Your Author’s Bio?

Before putting pen to paper, or hitting those keys you will need to do a little bit of homework. You will want to make sure that your bio is going to do its job and that means you need to understand what needs to be written and covered within your writing. To do this you need to think about:

  • What is your writing about: your bio should reflect your genre, so a humorous bio is not going to sell a horror story or a piece of business writing.
  • Who are you writing for: you need to target your audience and explain why they will want to read your work. What do you offer them?
  • Establish your credibility: why are you suited to writing in this area. What makes you an author worth reading?


How to Write an Author Bio

The following tips from our professional writers about how to write an author bio with no experience will help you to craft a well written and targeted bio for an author:

  • Use third person: even though the reader will often realize you are the one writing your biography you will not want to sound totally self centered.
  • Use a personal approach: make your writing feel as though it is written for the reader alone. Target what they are looking to hear from you.
  • Add value: tell them what they will get from reading your work. How is it going to help them or provide them with what they are looking for.
  • Keep it short: your bio needs to be something that they can read in a minute or so. So keep it to within 250 to 500 words or so.
  • Brag, but don’t go too far: you are unlikely to be able to claim to be the “best writer” in your genre, but telling them of the awards that you have won is something that you should do.
  • Customize: you may want to approach writing your bio differently on a personal website to how you would write for the cover of your book.
  • Provide a call to action: tell them to read your book!

What to Avoid When Writing an Author Biography

There are of course many issues that need to be avoided when you are writing your bio such as all of the following:

  • Irrelevant information: if you are a fiction author your bio reader is not really going to be interested in your business employment background.
  • Overly wordy or lengthy bios: the reader wants to quickly understand who you are, what you have to offer them, and why you are qualified to offer it. So cut out anything that does not provide that info.
  • Lies or exaggerations: saying that you are a bestselling author or a “highly respected” member of some group when you are not is not going to help your credibility.
  • Mistakes: writing mistakes are easy to make, but failing to proofread and eliminate them is not a mistake that you can afford to make as an author.

Inclusion of Writing Author Bio

Basic information such as education, expertise of the subject, previous book publications, writing experiences, personal life and personality are common subject included in the author’s bio. It is important that you create several drafts; you can edit it later and choose which one is appropriate for the subject of your book. Writing a bio that has limited characters can be challenging especially that this pushes you to prioritize what is essential. Make sure that you recognize the main objective in bio writing in order to discuss main points significant to the book. See our author biography sample for inspiration.

Getting Help for the Overall Improvement of Your Author’s Bio

Finally, get help from friends, colleagues or bio writing service; you can benefit greatly from their feedbacks in improving your author’s bio. They can also help you point out any relevant factors that you might have overlook during the process of bio writing. These online writing companies also have a great number of writers and editors that work together in order to deliver you high quality biography writing.

Work with Us to Write Your Biography for an Author

Whether you need something for the back cover of your book or an author’s page on a website selling your books we can help you. We offer expert support through qualified and experienced staff that will be able to help you to craft a bio that is going to be original and effective. We work with you for the best results and all of our support comes with a money back guarantee as well as free proofreading and a plagiarism report.

Writing a bio for an author with our expert and ensure that you put forward the image that you are looking for.