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Writing a Personal Bio

How Should You Outline Your Personal Bio?

An outline of your writing will always make things go so much easier. By mapping out what your bio should contain and where you will be able to make your writing go quicker and avoid a lot of unnecessary rewriting. An outline does not have to be excessively complicated. Especially for something short such as a personal bio. A few simple notes against each part of your bio will usually be enough for a guide. A typical personal bio will be organized in the following way:

  • Introduction: who you are and a brief summary of your current role
  • Main body: how you are able to add value or your past work history
  • Conclusions: some personal facts and a call to action

How to Write a Personal Biography?

Writing a bio that is going to get you noticed for the right reasons does not have to be difficult if you follow some simple rules for your writing. The following bio writing  tips will help you to ensure that your biography will be fit for the purpose you are putting it to:

  • Clearly identify the specific purpose for your bio: writing for a website will be very different to writing for a job or for entry into a university.
  • Use the third person rather than the first for your bio writing. Using “I” will make it sound excessively self centered.
  • Don’t make it too long: if you have a word limit then stick to it. Otherwise 250 to 50 words is usually a good length for a personal biography.
  • Don’t write from the beginning of your employment: start where you are now and work your way back picking the most appropriate highlights.
  • Make your writing concise: you have a limited amount of space so you will want to make every word that you use count.
  • Ensure that you provide your contact details and a call to action at the end.
  • Proofread to ensure that you avoid any writing mistakes within your bio: first impressions really do count so you will want to make the best.

What to Avoid in Writing a Personal Biography

There are of course many pitfalls to writing a bio and you will want to avoid them all. The following are some of the ones that you could make:

  • Over selling yourself: you do not want your bio to read like an advert. You need to clearly show the value that you add without it sounding over the top.
  • Claiming to be the best: unsupported and often meaningless claims such as being the “go to guy for …” or the “…ninja” should be avoided in your writing. Stick to the facts and what you can demonstrate.
  • Lying or exaggeration: keep to the truth, it is surprising who knows who and it is very easy for claims to be spotted and uncovered.
  • Avoid humor: there are always some people that view humor as inappropriate within a bio. You may also use a joke that may inadvertently offend others.

Writing a Personal Bio for You Is a Pleasure for Us

Writing a personal bio is a standard part of the application process, whether you are applying for college or applying for a job. You probably think that this is a simple task until you actually sit down to write. It is then that you realize how difficult writing a personal biography can be. You have to concentrate on the reason for which you are writing the bio. Even though it is written in a narrative format you don’t need to tell any funny or tragic tales from your life. The whole idea of writing a personal biography is to provide the reader with a brief look into you and your abilities.

How do I get started writing my bio? This is one of the most common questions we are asked when clients come to our website. Fortunately we have all the resources you need to get started writing a personal bio and can even complete the writing for you. Writing, personal bio writing especially, requires a great deal of thought because you have to focus on the information that you want to give the public about you. The first thing that you must consider before you even take a pen in your hand is to think about who and why you need to write this bio.

Our Bio Writing Services Are the Best

Although you may have a lot of things about yourself that you feel are pertinent to the reasons you are writing a personal bio, you will have to narrow down the information you select. Limit the accomplishments to those that will impress the employer. If you have other accomplishments that have nothing to do with the reasons for writing the bio, then they should be omitted. All they will do is take up space. For example, unless you are an athlete, there is no reason to include anything about your weight, height or the sports you play.

In order to make it sound as if someone else is writing a personal bio for you, it is necessary to write in the third person. There is no rule that says that this is the way it must be, but it makes the bio appear to be more objective. Being able to be objective when writing a personal bio is rather difficult which is why our bio writing services are so much in demand. We are able to select the best information to highlight when we are writing. Personal bio writers are able to make sure they bring out the best of your strengths for prospective employers.

How Can You Get Support to Write Your Personal Biography?

Contacting our bio writers is the quickest and easiest way to make sure that your biography will be just what you need. We have highly qualified and very experienced bio writers that have already proven their skills for many clients over the last several years. They work directly with you to make sure that your bio will be perfectly focused on your needs and will fully reflect you.

Using our services is very simple. Just follow the steps outlined here and you will be quickly in possession of the best possible personal bio:

  • Fill in all of the fields on our order form and submit it anytime 24/7.
  • Make our affordable payment using your credit card or online payment providers.
  • Go through your requirements with our skilled writer.
  • Request unlimited revisions until you are fully happy with your bio
  • Take delivery of a unique and error free biography within your required timeframe

Make writing a personal bio easy by getting in touch with our highly professional and capable writers here today!