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The Best Military Biography Template

Use a Military Biography Template for Writing Your Bio

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Most military personnel can expect to be faced with writing a military biography at some point in their career. Biographies are often required from military personnel who are up for promotion. A member of the military transferring from one branch of the armed forces to another will very likely have to write a military bio. Many of those that will be required to write a biography have little idea what it entails. Basically the military biography is a summary of an individual’s entire military career, from the time they joined the military until the present. For those who don’t know where to begin, a military biography template can be used, essentially allowing them to fill in the blanks with the necessary information. If no template is available, a sample military bio can serve as a guide.


What Should Be Included in Your Military Biography?

Military biography writing is not always done in the same way as that for those working in civilian fields. The following are the areas that you will need to be able to cover within your short and concise biography for the military:

  • Name, branch of service, your rank, where you are deployed and status, DoB, age and town of birth.
  • List of all of your military assignments in chronological order. Include the location and the units you were assigned to.
  • A full list of any decorations and awards that you have received.
  • A full list of training qualifications and schooling.
  • A list of rank promotions with dates.
  • Provide your family history including parents, spouse and your children
  • List of civilian based education.

How to Write a Military Bio?

Writing an effective military biography does not have to be too hard if you follow our advice. Just follow these steps to write your bio:

  • Start by clarifying the specific reason and requirements for your bio and follow them precisely: a bio should always be written for its purpose whether it is for promotion or for a camp publication.
  • Always write your bio in the third person: this is “Corporal Bill Smith is…” not “I am…”
  • Keep to the word count that you have been advised and do not exceed it.
  • Write in a concise manner and avoid any form of padding or flowery language within your writing.
  • Unlike civilian bios you will be required to start your bio from the start of your military career and work forward in time.
  • Stick to the information that is required of you: do not include any irrelevant information that is not asked for.
  • Keep to the honest truth at all times and do not attempt to exaggerate anything within your bio.
  • Avoid any form of humor: your military bio is not a place to try and have fun with your writing.
  • Proofread your writing very carefully to ensure that there are no errors within it.

help writing a military bio

Help with Writing the Military Biography

If you have little or no experience writing biographies, including financial advisor bio or writing just isn’t your thing, then the thought of writing a military bio may be somewhat intimidating for you.

To help with writing your bio consider the following tips on writing a biography:

  • Look for military bio examples online. Reading a few examples and seeing how others have written their bio can be beneficial when doing your own.
  • If possible, find a basic military biography template. This can greatly simplify the bio writing process.

The following is a basic military biography template that you can use for your bio writing:


Unit/Duty Position

Insert photo here

A native of_________(Insert Rank/NAME)

Entered the United States Army on (DATE)

Attending One Station Unit Training(Installation)
obtaining the MOS of ______(Insert MOS name)

His/Her assignments include:{List Assignments}

{Rank/Name}completed the following courses: {List courses}

Awards include: {List Awards}

{Rank/Name} is married to _________, has ________ children{Names}, and is currently serving as the {Insert duty position and unit}

How Can Our Specialized Services Help with Writing a Biography for the Military?

We offer a full range of support for writing your bio for the military. Through our services, you will be able to view effective samples of military biographies to guide your writing. We can also offer you an editable template that you can download and use.

We also offer full writing and editing services through experts that know exactly how your bio needs to be put together. They work directly with you to ensure that your bio will be written in exactly the manner that you require. Our fully confidential services provide you with a unique biography that will fully reflect who you are and your service. Should you need any changes then our experts offer unlimited revisions and we will make any changes that you request until you are fully satisfied with the end results.

military biography writing service

How Can You Order Our Military Biography Help?

Working with our services is very simple. Just follow the steps detailed here to access some of the best bio writers you will find online to create your biography:

  • Complete the order form that you will find on our website and provide the small amount of information that is requested. All information is confidential and never shared.
  • Make your payment: we have some of the lowest charges you will find online for military bios and payments are made using secure methods.
  • Discuss your biography with our expert: we will assign the most appropriately qualified of our experts who will work through your bio with you to get all of the required information.
  • Review the draft and request changes: you will be able to download your bio through the members area of our site and request any changes that you want making.
  • Take delivery of your completed military biography in the format that you requested on time. All bios are proofread and supplied with a plagiarism report.

Make writing your bio simple by using our military biography template, samples and writing support so that yours is completed perfectly.