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Writing a Winning Speaker Bio

Bio writing is often largely underestimated when, in fact, this is the document which can land you the desired engagement. A speaker’s bio is his most effective marketing tool which can be of great help. According to writers from writingabio.com, your speaker bio should highlight your most prominent experiences and give the understanding why you are the perfect speaker for any event. So, how to write a bio which is able to capture attention? Here are some useful tips from our professional biography writing services which will help you create a great speaker bio.

Why Do You Need a Good Speaker Bio?

When people are looking for someone to speak at an even they will not be looking for just anyone. Nor will the people that want to attend. Your speaker bio has to be able to show those that will attend as well as those that will hire you that you are someone that they will want to listen to. You have to demonstrate your skills and experience within your subject area as well as your ability to actually get your points across effectively.

What Should Your Speaker Biography Include?

Of course if you don’t provide the reader with the right information that they want to see then you are unlikely to attract many people that want to listen to you. The following are the things that you need to know within how to write a speaker bio if you are to get the right reaction to your writing:

  • Establish your expertise: show that you have worked and had success in the area in which you are looking to speak.
  • Demonstrate your success: it is not enough to simply have worked in a field if you are going to speak about it. Demonstrate your greatest successes with clear examples to show how good you are.
  • Show your awards and acclaims: have you published a book and had it appear on the best sellers list? Have you gained an industry award? Show how others perceive you and your achievements.
  • Show that you are a good speaker: where have you spoken before? How was your speech received?

Avoiding Boasting Within Your Biography

As Jonathan Rick says writing for Fast Company:

“To be sure, the problem isn’t with boasting. It’s with who’s doing the boasting. Boasting is best when validated by a third party. Otherwise, you’re just another self-proclaimed guru in a field that’s long on salesmanship and short on specifics.”

Saying that you are “The best” in your field or you are an “XYZ Ninja” or “powerhouse” means precisely nothing. They are empty adjectives and will not add any credibility to your bio; unless you are quoting what someone else is saying about you. If you are lucky enough to be able to have someone else do your boasting for you then use it. If however you don’t ensure that you avoid using masses of adjectives within your bio that are not directly backed up with examples and evidence.


Prompts on Speaker Bio Writing

  • Use an attention grabber in the very beginning. As you know, an interesting first sentence of your speaker bio is already half of success. In order to capture the attention and evoke interest in your readers, you ought to mention the most astonishing accomplishment in the beginning of your paper, right after an introductory sentence. Did you invent a new technique or philosophy? Did you speak on a famous show? Whatever it is that makes you stand out, mention it in the beginning of your speaker bio writing.
  • Prove yourself to be an expert. A good follow up for the most impressive achievement of yours would be the information about your experience and overall proficiency at what you do. Writers from writingabio.com recommend using a narrative style summarizing your experience in logical sentences. Have you ever received any awards or written a book? Mention all highlights of your career.
  • Bring your personality. Those who are going to read your speaker bio are also human beings, just like you. Thus, according to writers at writingabio.com it is a great idea to bring in some informal personal information which people will be able to relate to. Mention some of your special features and  interests, but don’t get carried away that much.

Use Our Speaker Bio Writing Services

You can always turn to writingabio.com for more help with you speaker bio writing. Highly experienced and talented bio writers who work for us are able to create an unexcelled paper for you. You can also check out our sample personal biography to make sure of the quality of the services we provide.If you want to make sure that your speakers biography will stand out then make use of our specialized services. We work through highly qualified and experienced writers that will know precisely how to craft your biography in a way that will meet your requirements. Our writing speaker bio is always done from scratch and will be unique and highly personalized to reflect you. We also offer free proofreading and never fail to deliver to you on time.

Get in touch with our highly skilled writers here today to ensure that your speakers bio will make you stand out in a way that will help you to get the engagements you are looking for.